Controls Upgrade

Upgrade of existing control systems

Utilising the existing control panels, it is often possible to install upgraded controllers to enable the automation of the installed equipment. Once new controllers have been installed it is then possible to utilise your existing plant, i.e. boilers, pumps, valves etc. to their maximum efficiency.This is achieved by having improved time and temperature control, together with greater operational flexibility.The improved controllability is achieved by utilising the following functions:


This means varying automatically the time of day that a heating system starts, in order to achieve the desired room temperature at the start of occupation, so that on colder days the heating system will turn on earlier than on milder days.

Weather compensation

Some systems will enable you to vary the temperature of water coming from the boiler to achieve the desired room temperature.

Night set back

This function allows the use of weather compensation as an occupied temperature and a reduced unoccupied temperature.

Variable speed drives and soft start motor control

These can improve the operational performance of equipment.

These functions, together with improved time and occupancy control, will enable a building to operate more efficiently.

It is not uncommon to be able to improve the efficiency of buildings by up to 35%, simply by upgrading the control systems.

Projects Undertaken

  • Local government building:
    This site was controlled by 30 year old obsolete controls which were proving difficult to maintain. Optimum Controls Services stripped out the redundant panels and installed new. This improved energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

  • National company:
    Visiting sites throughout the United Kingdom to replace the non-operational heating control systems with new building management system.

  • Agricultural Client:
    This client has a number of lakes, bore holes and natural water sources which require pumping systems to redistribute the water. Optimum Controls Services installed new systems.